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K70 MK.2 RGB Rapidfire one key LED problem

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Hello! Today I observed that one key (D) has a slightly different color. I've tested all three basic colors (R, G, B) on instant lighting and everyone works fine, but when I set white, the D key has more blue in it. Is this reason for RMA? I have warranty till May 2021 and I don't wanna keep keyboard with flaw. I don't have lighting always on and I've never spilled anything on it.



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What do you mean by "LED is no firing"? I already did static red test (image in gallery).


I tried force firmware update but nothing changed. Now it seems to me, that the Z ked is also little more blue (like the D key).


Some time back I also had a problem with detection after boot - I turned on my computer, booted windows and when I wanted to type password, keyboard was not working. Only thing that helped was restart. This happened 2 or three times in last month.

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