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Second defective K100 (within 2 weeks of purchase) - Defective Windows Key

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I notice the K100 is not listed in the "prefix" drop down.


Less than two weeks ago I purchased a K100. That keyboard was returned to point of sale due to faulty right CTRL key (a common issue it appears).


The Windows key on the replacement keyboard does not register keystrokes.

A problem that apparently occurs on other Corsair keyboards.


A mod regarding similar issues have mentioned a firmware update might be in order (meaning a new firmware version needs to be developed).


I am running firmware v0.24.237 and iCue v3.37.140.


Any timeline or suggestions how to fix this issue?


It may be worth noting I also purchased my parents a K100 as my mother thought the light touch would help accomodate her 70 yr old arthritic hands. The impetus for my purchasing one for myself was to gain experience with the hardware so that I can help them. Thus far there is no issue with their hardware.


However, I am planning on returning both keyboards at week's end as a proactive measure if the problematic keyboard cannot be fixed.



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