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iCUE still overwrites Windows pointer speed with a makeshift integer value


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I've seen threads about this from 5 years ago and it's still an issue which makes mice (Corsair Scimitar Elite in this case) much less usable on high DPI settings.

Basically, you can finetune the pointer speed through Windows registry:



But while iCUE is running it actively replaces this setting with a simple integer. I found the iCUE setting in the profile files, but even when changing the value there it just resets it to an integer everytime iCUE is started.



While a lot of aspects of iCUE are merely tedious to deal with, this is a HARD limit. It severely limits the way you can adjust the mouse speed. You basically have about 3 set options when dealing with high DPI.

Is there really no way to bypass this function short of using hardware mode (which won't let you remap the profile switch button or launch applications etc.)?

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