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Corsair LL120 RGB Fans Working - No RGB

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I have installed my Corsair LL120 RGB fans but cannot get any RGB lighting to work.




The fan power cables are connected to my sys_fan3 header on my motherboard via a splitter and seem to be working correctly as the fans are spinning. As per the installation instructions I have connected the fans to my RGB splitter, connected the RGB splitter to the lighting node, connected the lighting node to the F_USB2 slot on my motherboard and have both the RGB splitter and lighting node connected to my PSU via a sata splitter.



Interestingly the lighting node is not being detected in the iCue software. I have attached a screenshot of the USB devices found in USBDeview. The one highlighted at the bottom remains enabled even when the lighting node has been diconnected from the motherboard so i'm not sure what that is exactly.




An help at all would be much appreciated.518824147_Screenshot2021-01-24233938.png.d709880f178492de615d4465be3f8797.png

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