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New iCUE wont install. Update removed iCUE from PC.


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I saw the new iCUE update and i opened iCUE software as usual. I clicked "UPDATE" and the program downloaded the updated software. However when it asked to restart my PC iCUE was gone completely when Windows loaded back up again (except for some logs and registry entries).


I downloaded the latest iCUE software from Corsair and try to install it but it wont work. All is well until "restart computer". When my PC restarts iCUE is nowhere to be found. This is the first iCUE version to do this. I've had this software a couple of years and theres never been an issue. Dont know if Windows sees it as a virus perhaps?`


Am i alone with this? I keep my PC very clean and use only Windows 10 (latest version) own Defender. No other AV.


Thanks in advance.

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