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Can Kraken x73 360mm fit in 4000d airflow?


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I was wondering if 4000d airflow can fit a 3 fan AIO Liquid cooling such as Kraken X73 ?



If not, what is the best case for such a purpose?


What exactly is the difference between 4000d airflow and 5000d airflow?


Build is a z490 ATX


Zotac 2080 Ti Amp edition (Card Length 308mm x 113mm x 57mm (12.13in x 4.45in x 2.24in)


Kraken x73 360mm liquid cpu cooler


2 HDDs




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Hi Aram,


The 4000D will easily fit a 360mm AIO in the front. From what I can see, your GPU is 324mm long though, so it will be a tight fit in the 4000D (4000D supports 360mm GPU's with just front fans installed, and having an AIO in the front will add 30mm to that - so you might only have 5-10mm in spare)


The 5000D is quite a bit larger than the 4000D, and also has the option for 3 fans in the side tray, giving you extra airflow to your GPU. It also supports having the AIO mounted in the top instead of the front, so if you want a larger case with better airflow to your GPU, then I would go with that. If you are OK with things being a bit tight, the 4000D should also work for you.

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