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Mixed fans on a rgb hub problems

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So i have 3 SP fans connected to my rgb fan controller which all cycle threw colors fine using the controller but i have 2 ML fans connected on my h100i and i have a LL fan that wont change from white. I have done loads of research and see that i clearly cant mix the types of fans together but what is my best resolution for this.


The 2 ML lights come up on icue but the 1 LL dosent

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CUE generates the UI picture elements and the actual number of LED lights based on the Lighting Set-up configuration. So if you tell if "SP-PRO x 4", it generates 32 LEDs in 8-8-8-8 blocks. It cannot generate mixed sets.


Your current situation is 8-8-8-4-4-16 for a total of 64. Fortunately, this is a factor of one of the base lighting types. If you want them all on, tell it "LL fans x 4". That will generate 64 LEDs. The problem is the UI will now show you 4 LLs. If you had really creative plans for individual LED control, this will be a major pain. If you just want to run the preset choices or static colors, that you can do. Three mixed types is really hard and usually does not work out well. This one does, just barely.


Ideally you would a lighting controller for each, but this really does not help much. Then you must program them individually and they will act as three separate groups. If you have a Platinum AIO, you do have another option as it has its own RGB controller. The two ML-RGB goes to the AIO RGB splitter. That leave SP-PRO x 3 + LL x 1 or 40 LEDs. Now you can tell it SP-PRO x 5 and your front three fans will be as intended. The back LL fan LEDs will be comprised of two SP-PRO pictures (fans 4+5) in the UI. This is a lot easier to work with if you wanted to try more complex lighting. However, presumably the LL is the rear fan and the MLx 2 up top. The fans on the front and rear are connected while the ML + Pump are a separate lighting group. You will not see continuous lighting from front to back. Each group operates separately. This may or may not be better depending on your intended lighting effect.

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If you replace the LL with an ML, that will give you 8-8-8-4-4-4 = 36 LEDs. This can be done as 3 HD (12 LED fans) or something like LED strips x 4 (10 LEDs each) to make finding the right LEDs easier. I do not see this is a mathematical advantage and in some ways it is slightly worse. Probably not worth the change for lighting reasons.


Once you configure the Lighting Set-up to "SP- PRO x 5", should generate the necessary LEDs to cover the fans. New lighting effects will be applied automatically to all LEDs. Existing effects or individual adjustments are made with CTRL + Left click drag to highlight specific groups of LEDs. If you plain left click anywhere in the UI field, it will de-select the current lighting effect. You will do this unintentionally more than a few times. Hold CTRL + LEFT click to drag a new box over all the fans and re-highlight them.

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You disregard most of what was said above. The "SP-RGB" are really from a different era of RGB. The manual controller era products are have been phased out some time ago. You don't have a software controller. That is the Lighting Node Pro, Commander Pro, or Lighting Node Core. These things all come with the later model RGB fans. The SP-Pro described above replaced the SP-RGB a few years back.


You will never be able to use other RGB fans on that hub with the SP-RGB. It can only do SP-RGB.


Which "H100i" do you have? There are seven different variations. Only one of them had a lighting controller built in. That 'H100i Platinum' is the only one with a RGB controller and RGB fans.


If you do get a Lighting Controller, the math problems above come back into play. You have to be able to make some combination of 4-8-12-16 to generate the right number of lights, but it still will not work as designed unless all the fans are of the same LED count. ML=4, LL=16.

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So the Platinum has it's own lighting controller that can handle two fans. That can be a fall back if needed, but it won't solve the current issue.


I see two paths forward:


1) Find either a Lighting Node Pro + RGB Lighting hub on ebay (or wherever). You would then stick all these fans onto the one hub and all the stuff stated above comes back into play.


2) Replace the front 3 SP-RGB with another fan type that you like. In this case, I would suggest either ML or LL. The LL are a bit more fun and offer 16 LEDs and an outer ring. Whichever you choose, make sure you get the triple pack (not 3 singles) that has the lighting controller inside.


With 4LL + 2ML you know have two options. A) Run the 4 LL on the new controller. 2 ML stay on the Platinum controller. All fans do exactly what they are supposed to do, but they are 2 different lighting groups. You won't be able to run an effect from fan 1 to fan 6. However, since the LL and ML are physically different, they are not going to have the same type of effects available anyway. All to cool sequential stuff is on the LL and QL models. Option B) is put them on the hub 1-6. You would tell it LL x 5. That will cover the entire sequence, but the last three fans will not match the UI. This is a way to force sequential effects through the 6 fans. One option (A or B) does not preclude the other and you don't require more or less hardware. The clear place to start is with Option A and if you want to try the sequential stuff later, you only need to move a few RGB connections, no hardware changes.


Take a look a Zotty's guide below to get actual pictures to go with the names and for general information.



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