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Ram has gone bad

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I have 2x512 sticks of TWINX1024-3200C2 memory which i purchased on 02/11/2005. They are very buggy and now the motherboard is telling me that the ram is defective. They worked up until two weeks ago when my system would start running instabily, then it would get to the point where It would never post half the times I would press the power button. Finally, It would halt at the detection of my SATA RAID 0 (2 Seagate SATA NCQ 160gb) Hard drive detection. I RMAed the motherboard but the new one had the same problem with the same ram. I replaced the ram with a different brand and the motherboard runs wonderfully. I know these chips are supposed to be the top of the line and I'm very disappointed so far in the quality and performance of Corsair XMS memory. I am using the corsair ram in dual channel configuration on an Asus A8V-E Deluxe with a AMD 64 3500+ 90nm CPU, Zalman CU7000 heatsink and Asus EN6600 Geforce 6600 PCI-e video card. My power supply is an O.C.Z. 520 watt w/ adj. rails so there is no power issue whatsoever. I need to RMA these chips. Please advise on the next step in this process. Thanks
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