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First Custom Loop - Completed.


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Since buying the Corsair 500D SE case in late 2019 the idea of doing a custom loop had been in the back of my mind. I had 6 LL120 fans and 4 light strips and wanted more RGB in the case and the Hydro X series looked like the best route to go down for both.


The only things left from the previous build is the case, a MSI Ventus 2080Ti OC, a Corsair HX850i PSU, a 2TB Sabrent Q Rocket M2 SSD and a 2TB Samsung QVO.


Upgraded components fitted were: AMD Ryzen 5600X, Asus Crosshair Hero VIII, 32GB Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, a 1 TB Samsung 980 Pro M2 SSD and a Asus ROG Strix PCIe Riser cable.


Watched a lot of videos and read a fair few posts on here, and while I know the recommendation for a first loop is to use soft & flexible tubing, I really love the look of hardline tubing, just looks cleaner personally. I decided to dive in head first and go with hardline and got the 12mm Acrylic tubes from Corsair.


For the loop I went with a XC7 CPU Block, XG7 2080TI FE GPU block, XD5 Reservoir/PUM (new version) and 360mm XR5 and 240mm XR5 radiators. All the fittings were Corsair Black hardline fittings (mix of straight and 90-degree rotary adapters plus 1 45 rotary and 1 90 degree angled hardline fitting).


I got 4 90-degree rotaries, hit 3 problems in my loop. The first was the straight adapters were proving to be a bit of a pain for connecting the CPU outlet to the 360 rad and from the rad to the resevoir. The second was how to connect the rad and reservoir and the third was that I needed 2 90-degree bends in the pipe going from the CPU outlet to the radiator.


Decided to order another pair of 90-degree rotaries, a 45-degree set and a pair of angled hardline fittings. Took 5 days to arrive and I'm used to an upgrade normally being ready for switching on after a few hours, the extra wait was quite frustrating lol. When they did arrive, I put the extra 90-degree rotary adapters into the 360 rad and the 45-degree rotary into the reservoir and was able to connect them up. I tried to do the 2 90-degree bends for the other pipe a few times, but couldn't get it right, so ended up using one of the angled hardline fittings. Would have preferred to have just had the tubing between those parts, but it was beyond my skill level.


I got an EK-Leak Tester as I was feeling pretty nervous about testing with water, that showed no drop in pressure, but it was still pretty nerve wracking filling the reservoir and turning the pump on. I think it turned out pretty decent, and I'm really happy with it. There seems to be a bit of sag on the GPU from the riser cable, so I've made an improvised prop from t cuts of tubing and Sugru black mouldable glue and that seems to be doing the job fine.


Thought I'd share.



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Aw please i don't have a 4K display ^^'

((plz edit those massive photos!))


Pretty nice build :)

You may want to pull the case off the back wall tho, you may notice it wll drop temperatures quite a bit after hours of gaming


Didn't mean for the photos to be so big, I've changed them for a link to the album.


I've tried it further away from the wall before and it didn't make any differences to the temps.

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