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GPU clearance for the 4000D Airflow with an AIO placed at the front of the case?


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I have the same case with an h100i platinum se at the front. My gpu is 32cm long and there is 2cm between the gpu and radiator (the gpu is well inside the radiator surround so i didn't measure to that part - it's about 1mm thick). I measured a few times and I think your gpu will fit with 3 - 4mm to spare. I'm not sure whether you'd want to mount the radiator first or install the gpu first with how little clearance you'll have. It's gonna be snug! Edited by arb
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Hi there,


The 4000D supports GPU's up to 360mm with the front fans installed, so with an AIO radiator that is typically around 30mm you will have 330mm for your GPU.


You can get some extra space if you mount the GPU vertically as the vertical mounted ports are about 10mm more towards the rear than the regular ports, but with a GPU that big it might be too close to the side panel glass.


I would advice that you look at our new 5000D case which might suit your parts better as it is a bit bigger than the 4000D and has room for the AIO in the top, as well as the side and front.

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