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Temperature of RGB Pro?


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Second post asking for help today, hopefully not pushing my luck :laughing:


I've never monitored memory temps before, but I recently installed some Vengeance RGB Pro (4x8GB, 3200 CL16) on my Asus Z490-A Gaming. Noticed I can monitor memory temps in iCUE. Cool!


Temps idle around 40C, gaming around 48C. I have no issues with stability. All seems fine to me.




The internet is full of scary stories about RAM temperatures, and how they dare never exceed 45C!! :eek:


Thoughts on this? Can anyone else running this same ram share their idle and load temps for comparison?


Yes, I know, case and air flow makes a huge difference. I'm trying to figure out whether I should care or not. If so, I'll tinker with fan configs etc. If not, I'll keep sleeping at night and enjoy my pretty lights.



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If you are at 40-50C on Vengeance Pro in a tight 4x stack, you are doing well. The scarier ones I see are in compact cases with little airflow and temps in the 60-70C range. This 45C stuff comes from select dies and people's attempts to run them at the absolute edge of stability. Yes, if you are running 4800 MHz and hanging on by your fingernails, another +5C could cause a loss of stability. This is a total non-issue at 3200-3600 MHz.
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