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Pump Humming - H100i RGB Pro XT


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How quiet are these pumps (not the fans) supposed to be? I wouldn't classify mine as "loud", but the hum coming from the pump is louder than my fans under normal usage, such as email. Just a constan drone that's driving me insane.


I changed between quiet, balanced, and extreme on the pump in iCUE, and I can audibly here the pitch of the hum change, but no matter what, the hum is still there.


Rad is front mounted, tubes down, and the top of the rad is a few cm higher than the top of the pump. Fairly certain this is not an air bubble issue, but I guess you never know.


I'm coming from a 6 year old H60 that I never heard even a whisper from. And oddly, the H60 seemed to cool my 6700K better than this H100 is cooling my 10700K... Load temps were 58C on the 6700K, compared to 75C on the H100.



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Bubbles will tend to create erratic static or popping noises. Unfortunately, an electric hum is the normal sound of a small high speed electro-mechanical device. The problem is some frequencies bother us more than others. There were more complaints than normal about the Platinum/XT pump "tone". You'll have to decide on the noise. You can try and cover it with more fan speed or other ambient noise. These types of issues get reported all the time in the cold still of Winter and much less often in Summer with AC units and ceiling fans boosting the ambient noise floor of the room. In the end, you need to go with your instincts. Regardless of the source, an irritating noise while you are trying to work is an irritating noise and continuing to tolerate it for a long period of time will only make you miserable. If you can't soften the impact by other means, I would look to another solution.


You can't compare the temps on two different CPUs with two different coolers. Your 10700K can pull 225W in stock form. Your 6700K about 90W. Definitely apples and oranges, but also not part of the current problem with the sound.

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