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How to: DIY Custom Capellix Caps

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Hello all!


I've spent some time doing trial and error on various ways to make custom Capellix caps, so I thought I'd share the information with anyone interested who might want to try this on their own. At the very least, I hope I save someone time, money, or a headache. lol I feel these turned out fairly well, so read on if interested.



Cyberpunk Caps:










FF7 Shinra Cap:




Original Cap:




You can make pretty much anything: Horde/Alliance symbols, Destiny Logo, AMD logo, whatever you want.






There are two ways to get caps to work with:


3D printing caps


Using caps you have or ordering spare caps


How to 3D print caps:

To get caps to 3D print, it's pretty easy. Here on the bottom of the Corsair Capellix page is the necessary file under downloads. https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/CORSAIR-iCUE/Liquid-Cooling/iCUE-ELITE-CAPELLIX-Liquid-CPU-Cooler/p/CW-9060048-WW#tab-downloads


Take your saved file, and head over to Treatstock.com. There are numerous 3D printing sites, but this one is my go to. Use whichever site you prefer. Once there, at the very top left, click on 3D Printing.


A bunch of different people/places with 3D printers will show up which are available and willing to print your pump caps! Now, you're going to want to go up to the top of the page to the Material category and choose resin. This type of 3D printing material allows for transparent items, which we need our pump caps to be. There are many different types of Resin, so scroll through until you find the simply named "Resin", and choose that. After, anyone with a 3D printer capable of printing with that material will show up. Choose whomever you want or is closest to you, and hit "Instant Order". You'll then import your file you previously downloaded, choose any options (Choose white/clear, and also make a note to specify this just in case), and then you'll be on to payment/shipping! Usually you'll have your blank pump caps within a week or so!


I've had good experience with this seller specifically, but feel free to choose whomever you prefer:




How to use caps you have/ordered:

Firstly, if need be, you can order extra caps from Corsair here:






The white would be the easier to use for our purposes, but neither are difficult to get cleaned up.


Just FYI to save you time: Acetone, Paint thinner, rubbing alcohol or abrasive cleaners will not remove the pre-applied decals/paint on the caps. I literally soaked caps in these solutions for 24+ hours, scrubbed them, and not a single bit came off.


The saving grace getting these to workable state is: light grit sandpaper.


I'd suggest 180 to 220 Grit Sandpaper, but if you have coarser on hand, it should work if you sand gently. Put the caps down on a towel/paper towel, etc before you begin. If you scratch up the front, there's nothing much you can do to repair them. It won't be all that visible, but avoid it if you can. Rub with moderate force over and over staying in one direction. If you go in a + or X pattern, the caps will look cloudy and significantly worse overall. Simply keep going, and eventually all of the decals will wear away. Some parts can be stubborn, so don't be afraid to press hard to get a few spots, such as the "square" shapes that are printed on. Even the black pump caps can be made to look nearly perfectly clear aside from some mild scratches. Luckily, once the caps have decals on them and are illuminated by the RGB pump head, the scratches won't be visible. Rinse all dust from the caps, wipe dry with a paper towel, and set them aside. Now we're ready to do the fun part: Decals!


Making your own Decals: https://imgur.com/AJqHWEQ

(Right click on images and open in new window to get a larger view)


There are a number of different ways to accomplish this. You can create your image and send them to somewhere online to have them printed, get a vinyl cutting machine and have them completed that way, hand cut them with Vinyl and a hobby knife, or print them. Vinyl cutting will likely produce the best looking caps, but 99% of people don't have access to the means to accomplish that. We're going to focus on printing them with a basic printer. Inkjet or Laser printers both work perfectly fine.


If you want to try a mock up first, or don't have the money for decal sheets, this can also be done with varying success with plain printer paper. You will need to first print your pump cap image. Then, mirror/reverse the image, flip the paper you already printed it on, and print on the other side. This way it covers both sides and light won't simply shine through the black parts of the design! You can attach it to the pump cap with little bits of double sides tape at the edges, or the screws that hold the cap to the pump will also hold the paper on. This actually works pretty well for all intents and purposes.


There are multiple options out there for the decal paper to use, but I personally used this to good effect. It's cheap, works great, and you can print quite a few decals on each sheet. If you choose another type, make sure it's transparent!!




If you prefer to print them on Vinyl and hand cut them, this also works with any Inkjet/Laser printer:




Now, you're going to need MS Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, Inkscape, etc. Whatever art program you prefer. You can make your own design from scratch, or find something cool on the internet and resize it to fit you pump cap.


You can get the image dimensions and such from the items you downloaded from Corsair. Here's what I used as a guide, if you'd like to use it. The dimensions are 100% accurate for the pump cap size:




Decide on what you'd like to make, bearing in mind that the light from the pump header does have two square shapes on it built in. I would generally start/import a design in black and white, and when finishing it color anything white the the alpha channel making it transparent.



Once you're decided on your design, it's time to print.


The decal adhesive side is opposite of the front, so this means were going to want to reverse the image before printing so it can stick on the pump cap and be correctly oriented. For each design, I would print 3 copies. 1 of them is a backup, in the instance you get fingerprints all over it, bend it while taking off the backing, etc.


Depending on your printer, you may need to let the decal sheets dry/set for awhile before moving them around as the ink may smear. I didn't have this issue, but it's something to be aware of.


Using scissors or a utility/hobby knife, cut exactly around the edges of the pump cap design for your decals. If it's not perfect, you can trim it once it's in place since the excess should be transparent and easy to clip off. Make sure your pump cap is face down on a paper towel, etc and gently line up your decal. I found using the bottom of the pump cap easy to line up with the decal. When placing your decal on the pump cap, start gently at one side and apply it smoothly in one direction on the cap so you don't get air pockets trapped in the decal.


Now, the most difficult part. You're going to take a second copy of the decal, and do it again perfectly lining up the first decal with the second. We're doing this because the RGB lighting will shine through the black parts of the design otherwise. With two layers, it doesn't and looks significantly better. This is another reason why we printed 3 copies, in the instance you mess this part up. If you do, gently remove the decal as best you can, and try again.


Once again, I'd suggest lining up the bottom parts with the other decal and pressing down lightly, smoothing the decal over gently to avoid air pockets. Once they're both on, gently smooth them over to get them adhered to your pump cap.


All that's remaining is to take your utility/hobby knife, and poke holes into the screw holes to clear way for installation on the pump head. Don't press too hard, as it may lift your decals off the cap. Just turn it gently until it pokes through, then twist in a circle to clear the rest out of the way.


Congrats! You've successfully made your own custom Pump Cap!!! Install it and bask in the glory of your hard work. lol


If anyone has questions or whatnot, I'll answer what I can. Best of luck, and stay safe.

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No problem! It's pretty easy once you get the caps and decals. You can make pretty much any design.


Hi blacksad, I made my own cap design a while ago but instead of sand paper I used nail polish remover on a paper towel and some muscle and was able to wipe the original design off before putting my own vinyl design on. It doesn't take very long and unlike sand paper it doesnt leave any scratches.

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