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Harpoon Wireless Cursor Lag

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Hello, I purchased a Harpoon wireless mouse and K57 wireless keyboard. Recently been noticing the mouse will either freeze/jitter/lag/disconnect for a 5-10seconds every few minutes. I have the wireless K57 dongle and the Harpoon dongle connected to the front of the desktop and I'm about 12feet away from it. I unplugged the the K57 keyboard dongle and used a old logitech and now my harpoon wireless mouse is working flawlessly. I read that there was a beta which allowed u to pair two corsair products from one dongle. Has anyone used two wireless corsair products together without any issues? It seems that having two slipstream dongles active causes the mouse to jitter and lag. Another thing I noticed when I go to Control Panel -> Hardware Devices --> It shows the device "Cosair Wireless Gaming Keyboard Dongle K57" I right click that and it shows keyboard and mouse settings option,


Thank You


Specs for my computer are:

Intel i5-4590 3.30GhZ


Windows 10

Integrated Graphics

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