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Need some help for my new Hydro X Series Build

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I have just finished my build a couple of days ago and start to do some benchmark for system testing. I got a super low Timespy GPU score (5xxx) and figure out it is because the GPU core clock is tuning down after hitting 60-61C and 100% load. I haven't done any OC in Afterburner and this is straight out of box with Corsair XG7 block & Hydro X series loop. I have done some other tests for the GPU (games, Cinebench) and they all give me the same result: Core clock tunes down to about 400 MHz once GPU hits 61C with 100%. I also used Precision X to lock the core clock @ the boost speed and this instant raises the temp to around 61C. The GPU backplate becomes really hot and I think this should not happen given the cooling capacity of this loop. :(::(::(::(::(:

The coolant temp for the loop is around 29c-35c (ambient temp is around 68f-73f or 20c-24c). CPU temp ranges from 42c-50c idle, 78c-84c heavy & full load with moderate to extreme PBO settings. One thing I do see for both CPU and GPU is temp raises really fast during test, I mean with seconds. Is it normal or problematic? I think the cooling of my loop is underperforming and I really couldn't figure out what I have done wrong...:confused::confused::confused:


Anyway, here is my spec:

AMD Ryzen 9 5950x

MSI X570 Prestige Creation

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3600Mhz 64GB (2X32GB)

MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ventus 3X 24G OC


Crucial P2 2TBX2 (Storage)

Corsair Hydro X Series Custom Loop (2x280 mm radiator, soft tubing, CPU/GPU water block with 4 140 fans, leak test done)


Some screen shoots under GPU-Z





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What doesn't look normal is how much power the card draws at 100% load.

It looks like it's heavily throttling for some reason..

61°C GPU core temp doesn't seem high, but maybe there's some mounting issue.. hard to say..


Backplate temperature is normal on 3090s. GDDR6x runs hot and they have chips on the backside of the PCB, so their heat is dissipated by the backplate to a certain extent.


Usually, temperature should raise very quickly for the CPU, like you start your test and it goes up by 30 - 40°.. then from there it will go up along with water temp. +1° water = +1° on CPU.


For the GPU, it should be way closer to water temp, like around 20° over water temp, depending on how efficient the waterblock and thermal paste are.

GPUs are way easier to cool down because of large die area.


That said, i would expect it to reach the 60s under 100% load at boost frequency, not at 500mhz!


170W power draw, 60°C, the card trying to get its nonexistent fans ramp up to 100%, and clocks slammed down, i believe there may be a GPU block mounting issue.


Coolant temp at only 35° max with this GPU/CPU combo on a closed up case with two 280 also seems to indicate your RTX doesn't heat up the water very much.

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After taking out the GPU from the loop and remove the water block, I found out that only 60% of the core surface has thermal compound, which indicates either I didn't mount the water block properly or the water block has a design flaw that it doesn't touch the core surface evenly. Anyway, I applied a little bit more compound and make sure all surfaces are touching closely before remounting. Fast forward, putting everything back together, GPU thermal stay under 60c under full load @1900+ Mhz. Have done a series test, everything seems fine. Thank you very much!!
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that's GG :)


Always tighten the 4 screws around the die in a cross pattern, getting the screws barely in contact first, then slowly tightneing, opposing corners, little by little.


The rest doesn't matter as much as it uses thermal pads.


Now, you only have to get that fan curve done for the additional few hundred watts you just added to the loop :p

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