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Commander Pro - ICUE software - Irregular Fan Speed

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I would like to understand why do i have not the same fan speed on every fan connected on the same Commander Pro and managed by ICUE software.

There is no logic on that fan speed it apply.




Front Fans 1-2-3 RGB Corsair LL120

Top Fans 4-5 140 Artic

Rear Fan 6 RGB Corsair LL120


There are a very big difference between those fans speed and nothing explain me why fan 1-2 go to 1700 RPM and the 3rd is at 1500 RPM

Even bigger unlogic happen with 4th fan at 1200RPM and the 5th at 1600 RPM.


And as far i have seen on the software there are no setting to assign in or out fan for airflow.

There are all connected to the same Commander Pro and with the same pre-setting.

If someone can give the logic of that ..


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Don't use the fan control presets on the Commander Pro. They do not mean the same thing as the AIO control curves with the same names. The fans are reacting to CPU temperature which is undesirable for a number of reasons, one of which is the fans cannot possible react to highly dynamic shifts in CPU temp. There is no hysteresis, so the fan is physically trying to keep up with your CPU temp shifts and of course is unable to do so.


(Performance tab +). This will create a new custom curve below that you can see and edit.


You need to set a different control variable (sensor) choice and the curve you make will depend on that choice. Quick fixes will be either GPU temp or MB temp. Most users have a pretty good idea of their normal GPU temp range and that device is the biggest heat source in the case. MB temp can also be used as an ambient source and the fans will not drop/spin up on momentary pauses, like loading screens, map elements, UI stuff etc. However, you will need to figure out the normal range of the sensor.


If you have to do that, then the best long term solution is to use at least 1 of the temp probes from the Commander Pro pack. Run it to the rear exhaust (inside or outside of the case). Exit air temp is the best indicator of case air exchange and whether you need more fan speed. Again, you'll have to learn the normal range and it can be very position specific. A placement 2cm one way or another can result in several degrees difference, which will affect the curve. Doesn't really matter as long as you keep things constant. A second 10K thermistor on the front rail somewhere to measure intake air temp may be informative, but won't necessarily help with control.

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Hello, thanks for the answer.


The problem still the same even with hand made preset, i still have on of the set of fans going 30% less RPM than others with no reasons.


I do not explain this.


[EDIT: I suppose it's mechanic not the program because i set 100% fans speed and 2 of them don't go to the max speed. There are new so i will ask corsair directly and artic brand. thanks for the help.]

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CUE uses RPM control on the Commander Pro. If you make a fan curve called Custom 1 and set it to "fixed rpm and 1000", every fan on that curve should run 1000 rpm. If for whatever reason you wanted every fan on the curve at maximum with a mixed set of set fans, use PWM % and set it to 100%.


Make sure you are not using CPU temp as the control variable.

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