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QL120s Acting Funky


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Hey There,


I added some QLs to my system, there are 10 total running on 2 node core. On one there are 4 120mm and the other has 6 140mm. 5 of the 140mm are new.


Something strange is happening on 1 fan on each node. Only one section is lighting up static white (similar to the setup in icue). One of the fans behaving this way is new and the other was previously working in the system before the change (wasn't moved or altered in any way other than unplugging and plugging back into the node for wiring purposes). Here is a picture, it's the exact same for both:





They are configured properly in iCUE, like stated 1 of the 2 was working fine, and I've tried most of what I could think of - different slots in the nodes and the chain, checked updates, etc. The behavior of different spots in the node is odd too such as one cut out the fans behind it in the chain in slot 4, but all work fine behind when in slot 1... Any idea of what this means? Almost seems like it's an error code of some sort but couldn't find anything searching around.


Thanks for any help!

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