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Icue and aida64

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So in my rig, corsair wise, I'm running a h150i pro aio, 32gb of corsair rgb ram, 7 ll120 fans, a commander Pro, corsair core and a node. Also 4 rgb strips.


So my problem, I like the look of these little 5" displays that people use as stat screens. I have installed aida64 and made up a sensor panel. Problem is that when I run aida with icue my fans lighting stutters, then after a while aida will freeze and my fans go back to normal.

Start the computer with icue off, and aida and everything else works like a dream.


Does aida work with icue? If not then is there anything I can do to get them both to work?


Many thanks.

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As they both use the CPUID SDK in order to monitor the hardware AIDA64 will conflict with Corsair specific sensors from our products and cause iCUE to not work as it should like you are experiencing. We advise to not use third party hardware monitoring programs when utilizing iCUE because of this. Most software however does tend to allow for you to disable those specific sensors.
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Thanks for the quick reply! Thought that might be the case.

A bit cheeky of me, but I don't suppose you know what specific sensors I need to turn off?

I only want to monitor cpu temps, gpu temps and fps.

I have been posting on the aida forum, but so far, no help from them.

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Bumping this thread again for the same reason. Anyone got definitive answers and/or a How-To to get iCUE and Aida64 playing nice together?

I want to put a 7" Sensor Panel in the Rear Exhaust Fan location of my O11 Dynamic XL case but also want to run an ICUE Nexus on a K100 KB I have ordered for some Touchscreen control of RGB/Fan Profiles and At a Glance Temp/Speed monitoring. I mean if I have to choose, iCUE wins because I have a Capellix H150i, Vengeance RGB Pro, LS100, ST100, Polaris Pad, MM700 Extended Pad, about 24x Corsair RGB Strips, 15x QL120 Fans across two PC's......LOL.


I would like to have them both working together though.

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