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K70 SE - Not able to type at startup

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I have a new K70 SE keyboard that will often not work at startup of Win 10. The issue does not occur 100% of the time, but when it does, the keyboard properly illuminates and has the appearance of working just fine, but anything typed does not register on screen. If I pull the USB out and plug it back in, it begins working again without any issues until the PC is once again rebooted.


The keyboard is plugged in the standard keyboard USB (at top) and is in a USB 3.0 port that does not receive power when off.


May be normal, but I found it odd... If I strike a key while the computer is off and keyboard has no power source, the keys will briefly illuminate for .25 seconds before going back off as if it is storing power.


Does this sound like a keyboard issue / Win 10 issue? I never had this issue with my previous keyboard.


If it matters - Motherboard is an MSI Z490 Unify



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Hi Askeptic,


Do you mean that you plugged your keyboard into the front panel or top panel of your case when you say (at top)? If so, try plugging your USB to the back side of your PC/motherboard to ensure you sufficient power delivery. If this doesn't work, please open a support ticket.

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