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Could use some help figuring out how to best setup fans/aio/case.


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I havnt made the final decision on some parts but I have a pretty good idea what I want to do.


I have a 5000x case here, Im about to pull the trigger on a capellix 360 (includes the commander core).


What I would like is 7 fans all the same; or maybe only 2 different kinds (not really sure how the different fans will look); so either 3 front and 1 back same or 3 top (aio) and 1 back same.


Prefer all the same even if it will be a hassle to sell what I have and get new.

I have a 3 pack of ll120s here (can keep or sell on) that I havnt opened.


As I mentioned I am looking at 2 options (assuming I go with the capellix aio.

7 fans all the same, 4 fans/3 fan combo. I am not that concerned if say I went with ll120s up top if my temps would be 1-2c higher. I plan to run the fans/pump in quite mode as much as possible.


So can/should I hook up the 3 aio fans (weather they are the original ml120s or 3 other) to the commander core and their pwm cords. And then hook up 3 front fans (I may actually want to try a 2 140s and 1 120 setup), and 1 120 in the back all to the 5000x lighting node core and the pwm controllers to the pwm controller.


Will the above work? ie will I be able to use 2 140s (someone in the forums already said you can fit 2 140s and 1 120 in the front fan mount) and 1 back 120 on one lighting node core? And then the 3 other fans in the commander core? oh including the cpu block from the commander core.


and all of this controlled by icue and match effects color scheme?


Is this the best way to handle this?


again Im not sure which fans I will go with but want to see what I have to work with and go from there.


and one more question. Is that true no other fans will plug into the corsair hubs unless you get a 3rd party adaptor?

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