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Empyrion macro


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I am new too here and have no knowledge of writing a macro at all. The one macro i have i created by, heck I am not even sure how i did it. I am playing Empyrion and I am mining asteroids. It requires me to hold the left mouse down to mine. After so many asteroids I just want too simplify the process where I do not have to continuedly hold the left mouse down.

The macro I use is I am 50% happy with.

I activate it with the macro key #3.

To stop I push the left mouse again.


After that I have to stop ICUE software.

Start ICUE software again


then I can push the Macro key #3 again.


This is not what i want.

I want to push the macro key #3 start, to stop, to start it again with out actually leaving the game and stopping the ICUE software.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I linked the set up I currently have. https://ibb.co/X2k68Jf


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ok i will try to explain this for you, but it is going to be hard for me.

what you could do is have it set to hold mouse button, then have a delay for an amount of time of your choosing then release, but in the advanced settings have action trigger on toggle, then action repeat on constantly and delay to your choosing, so what happens in my example photo is it will mine for 10 seconds with the left click being held down, then stop holding the left click and repeat for as long as the macro key is held down for





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