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XG7 5700XT air bubbles

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Hey there,


Can anyone tell me why tiny air bubbles keep being trapped over the chip? I've added an images to show where.




And anyone able to tell me how to get rid of them? I've already tried tipping my case in all directions plus small "hammering" on the case, all other bubbles goes away like that, just not these tiny once

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The tiny ones get stuck there because passing through the cooling fins is the narrowest point. These are not the kind you can get out by tipping. That is for the larger bubbles that could be more problematic if they were to settle over your cooling fins and replace the coolant with air.


Typically these work out on their own, but you might be able to push things along by alternating between a low and maximum pump speed. Go to your pump control and if using CUE for this, toggle between something like 800 rpm for 5 seconds, then 4500 rpm for 10 seconds, etc. The fewer components and shorter the loop, the more likely this is be effective since the flow pressure will be higher. In massive multi-component loop, it may not do a lot of good. If you get bored, just set to maximum when you leave the room. That should do it in time as well.

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