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XG7 5700XT waterflow?


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Been running the XG7 5700XT waterblock for some time now and today I saw that air bubbles and flow was going a new way I hadn't seen before now, I've added an images to show where this flow is. Can anyone tell me if it meant to be a flow there?




Edit: Air bubbles are trapped in that space and they are extremely hard to get out again.

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Yup it's normal.

Water will sip all the way to the o-ring, so it gradually makes its way between the copper and the acrylic.

As i said in the other post, it will take a few days for air to be completely purged from the block after filling the loop.

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Hello again,



The system has now been running non-stop since I was made this post, airbubbles are getting smaller and smaller, however those damn small once on the fins are still there and hard to get out, but those I can live with as those also gets trapped less times now.


However, the flow going thru the space shown on the image in first post is getting worse, I've added a image on my block where you can see what i mean.



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