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Dashboard & iCUE spaces


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Having recently completed my new build, and using iCUE a daily now I have a few suggestions for improvement.


The Dashboard is a great idea, but currently not very useful.


It shows just CPU load and temp for my Ryzen 9. Not clock speed, not core volts. (The motherboard does show the volts at least)


For the GPU is shows just fan speed and temp, not load.

Likewise for the SSDs, just shows temp. Not disk activity or any other useful info.


For my RAM, it just shows timings. Not temps.


Id love to just use the iCUE dashboard for my hardware monitoring, but with its many missing readings that even task manager can show, it isnt useful.


Id love to get a Nexus, to show some hardware info on. But given that the dashboard cant even show this stuff, I dont think Id be able to on the nexus. So wont bother buying one.


At this point HWinfo is far more useful. Although that swings the other way and shows far too much info.


iCUE spaces is also a great idea, but badly implemented. For starters it cant be relocated to another monitor. Useless while in-game.

It suffers the same issue as dashboard obviously in that it is missing far too much info.



In summary, it would be nice if Dashboard got MORE info, such as:


CPU Clock & core voltage

GPU load & clocks

SSD activity

RAM temps


As said, most of this info seems to be readily available even in task manager.


Keep improving iCUE, as its the weakest link in the chain right now. The hardware is solid, iCUE is flaky still. (I still often have it crash when trying to bring it up from the taskbar...)

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I guess as my RAM isnt Corsair it doesnt want to display temp.


One of the biggest issues with RGB stuff is that each company has gone its own way, and want there software to control everything.


We ideally need better standards or collaboration between the brands. So that you can choose your hardware freely, and then choose WHICH of the RGB softwares you want to run it all.


Right now... MSI Dragon centre can override iCUE....but Dragon center is rubbish for controlling lights compared to iCUE. Yet the other way round does not work.




The appeal of "no RGB" builds grows.... and not because of the looks...but the software headache :@

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  • Corsair Employees

We utilize the CPUID SDK in order to pull in and report the hardware information in the iCUE Dashboard and third party products. When it comes to third party memory the CPUID SDK does not pull in the memory temps and therefore it will not show the temperature in the dashboard like it does with Corsair memory.


Ultimately all the information that pulls into the Dashboard for third party manufacturers is purely limitted by what the CPUID SDK will pull in.

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Thanks for clarifying why that is.


Perhaps its worth Corsair looking to pull info from elsewhere? I am not sure how easy that is, but in its current state the dashboard is of limited use. It further limits the use of display stuff like the show or the nexus.


It seems like pulling from CPUID isnt really worth it for a "dashboard".


Having said that.... there is info that CPUID does show, but cant be shown on the dashboard.


Like CPU vCore, CPU frequency, GPU clocks etc.

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