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attaching HDD sled to motherboard panel in 5000d

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So My 5000d airflow case arrived today, and I've hit a snag. There are holes in the back of the motherboard panel that appear to be for attaching a HDD sled to it (among other things). But none of the screws that come with the 5000d actually fit these holes. Some are too small, and the fan screws are too big.


What screws do we use to attach a HDD sled to the motherboard panel? A screw number (or whatever info I'd need to go to home depot with) would be helpful.


Edit: I'd open a support ticket for this, but I opened one for a different issue a week ago and haven't gotten a single response to it, so I'm hoping to be able to have this question answered more quickly and easily on the forums.

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Hey Parmenedes,


I am not entirely sure what you are referring? Do you have a picture of it. There is mounts for 3 SSD's on the back side of the 5000D, and you can mount a standard hdd to the mounting plate that is above the ssd treys like this: https://imgur.com/a/nc5IxIi

To do this, just use the same screws as you used to screw in your motherboard with.

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