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Both my two Mac Pros and iPad think Corsair Harpoon bluetooth mouse is "Apple Watch"

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hi all - firstly, I don't own an apple watch nor is there one anywhere within 2500+ square feet of my devices. The most interesting thing is happening when I try to pair my Corsair Harpoon bluetooth mouse. Initially all my Macs and iPad would see it as "Corsair Harpoon" in the bluetooth pairing screen. However none of the apple products would pair successfully. So after I turned the Harpoon mouse off and then back on, all my apple products now see it as an "Apple Watch". I've deduced this to be the case every time I turn the Harpoon rocker switch on to bluetooth mode. I can't seem to get this to stop. Any solution out there? Any chance Corsair can fix this in their next firmware update (I am on the current firmware version, too).


also I have video of the device flickering back-and-forth between recognizing it as either the Harpoon or Watch (jittering like crazy in the Bluetooth Preferences screen.

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Hi Spizzi,


Any chance you have access to a Windows 10 PC? If so, please install iCUE on it and make sure the Harpoon is on the latest firmware version -- sometimes unfortunately, this needs to be done from Windows to ensure to most compatible Mac firmware is installed.


Please open up a ticket with support using the link at the top of this page for more specific guidance through this process.

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