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9 QL fans not syncing


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Just installed 9 QL120 fans using two LNCs and a Commander Pro.


The two Cores show up and I can change the lighting in all the fans just fine.

My issue is that I cannot get just the fans to light up together as 3 fans are on one LNC and the other 6 are on the other. Is there a way to link all 9 fans (or the two lighting node cores) without using the lighting link function? Or am I doomed to use lighting link and not able to use the light patterns the ql fans offer?

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That's disappointing considering lighting link does not offer the the same effects as the fans alone.


Lighting Link effects have to work on every device involved since it is a global setting. It's a bit hard for a LED strip to do rotary stack. The effects on that list have to be universal.


It is possible to program effects that appear to go from controller to another by setting each effect on each controller to wait for the previous to finish. That is a fairly daunting task, but that is how the programming for all effects are done. If you want to use the presets and be done in 2 seconds, then you will need to find a way to make it work as 6 + 3.

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are any of these fans in Push/Pull on a Radiator.?


if so.. 2 x RGB Fan LED Hubs on an RGB Hub Splitter would allow both hubs to play at the same time as they are effectively a clone of each other.. meaning both sides of the rad would play the same effect at same time.


the below Gif shows my 1000d. 32 fans in total. banks of 4 left and right/front and back of the rads. all 32 fans are doing what you see there. at the same time.





its connected up like this



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