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RM 850i - strange noises in low voltage usage

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Hello i have a problem with strange sounds coming from my RM850i -

My spec is:


MSI x570 Ace

rtx 3080

G.Skilll trident cl16 3600.


When I'm especialy in web browser or doing some other low wat usage i have sounds like this: recorded sample from my comp on YT




When i use more wats - noise is little bit quieter but dont stop at all.

Whole setup has no problem with stress tests (even few hours of it). I had to turn off global c-state control in bios. Cause my system had WHEA errors (bluescreens) - but i read that's a problem of AMD cpu's. With c-state off everything is working stable, but i hear this noises (without c-state on it is also been noising).

It is realy annoying - what is this and can i do something to stop it or RMA ?

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Maj,


This is just coil whine, its just AC power being converted to DC power.


You can limit your power / or frame limiting


You can try to enable V sync, G Sync or Freesync if your monitor supports it.


If issues persist you can contact support for further assistance.


Contact Support @ https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us


They can help you with this issue.

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