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K55 does not retain macros without iCue installed?

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Ticket (2003920413)


From Corsair support,


"Is ICUE installed on both of your PC's? If you are trying to replicate what you are doing on the second PC that has ICUE installed and perform them on a PC that doesn't have ICUE on them, I cannot guarantee that it will work. You will have to have ICUE and Macros on both devices for this to work."


You should say this in your product description, if it's true. The use of macros stored in the hardware of a keyboard is diminished immensely if a driver is required to make it work.* I wouldn't have bought this keyboard if I thought that once a macro was recorded, it would only work if the machine I was using the keyboard on had to have the driver installed.

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Please note this ticket has been updated with more accurate information -- it is indeed possible to set up hardware Macros on a K55 keyboard. Please let support know via the ticket if you have any specific inquiries on how to set this up, though it looks like instructions were sent on 1/25 -- hope this helps!
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