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iCUE Left Click Remap (glitched)


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I am currently playing Spellbreak. I would like to map my "cast primary sorcery" to (Sniper -> Left Click). Unfortunately Spellbreak does not allow for multi key bindings on the main attacks. To work around this I decided to do the following in iCUE:


1) Create Profile -> "Default"

2) Create Profile -> "Spellbreak"

3) "Default" Profile -> Actions -> Remap Sniper -> Profile Switching -> "Spellbreak" -> While Pressed

4) "Spellbreak" Profile -> Actions -> Remap Sniper -> Profile Switching -> "Spellbreak" -> While Pressed

5) "Spellbreak" Profile -> Actions -> Remap Mouse Back -> Left Click

6) "Spellbreak" Profile -> Actions -> Remap Left Click -> Keyboard Button Q

7) "Spellbreak" Profile -> Actions -> Remap Right Click -> Keyboard Button E


Whenever you are not pressing the sniper button the mouse functions normally. When you press the sniper button the mouse buttons become (Mouse Back -> Left Click), (Left Click -> Keyboard Q), (Right Click -> Keyboard E). When you release the sniper button the mouse goes back to functioning normally.


What this does in game is allow me to cast my primary attack with a (Left Click), then cast my primary ultimate attack with a (Sniper -> Left Click).


The problem I am having is that sometimes if I click the sniper button and BOTH left & right mouse buttons simultaneously, the actions stop working completely and/or the left mouse button will repeatedly click even if im not touching the mouse. I then have to restart iCUE to fix the issue... which is annoying when you are trying to play an online multiplayer game.


Can someone explain what might be happening and/or how to fix this issue?

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It is working as it is intended as you are only able to execute one action at a time. The moment you press an additional button it will prevent that rebind/macro from working as you expect since you interrupted it with another button on the mouse. The only resolution would be to ensure you are not pressing any other buttons at the exact same time.
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I am ok with pressing both buttons canceling the action. The problem I am running into is when you click (Sniper -> Left & Right Click), "Spellbreak" profile loses the Left Click & Right Click remaps. Then when I release all buttons and click (Sniper -> Left Click) it does nothing; same with the (Sniper -> Right Click). All future tries result in no action happening.


When I say "loses" what I mean is that iCUE shows the left click is still mapped to (Keyboard Button Q) but it does not perform the action when I click (Sniper -> Left Click). This is the same when performing (Sniper -> Right Click).


Also, randomly the mouse will fully glitch and the mouse will start just left clicking on its own even when I am not physically touching the mouse.


Only a restart of iCUE fixes the issue.

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