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Scimitar Original vs Elite right click

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Hey guys. So iv had my original Corsair Scimitar for over 4 years now, and decided to upgrade to the elite as i felt my sensor was slightly off during gaming (and the mouse wheel click didnt work and scrolling one way would fly up and down)



Is there meant to be a difference in the right click sensitivity?


Both my left and right click on the original need an average press to "click" yet on this elite i can press the right click with barely any pressure and the click noise will be super quiet.


I keep accidently right clicking just by resting my hand on it, and its driving me crazy :laughing:

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Hi Sunzz,


No, there shouldn't be any significant different in that mouse button -- if it's clicking too easily, and you're still within warranty, this might be eligible for a RMA exchange. Please create a ticket with support using the link at the top of this page, and include your receipt and the serial off the mouse as well for expedited service.

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