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K70 lighting jagged on Mac

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I have the rainbow effect on my K70 keyboard. It works fine for a little while, and then becomes jagged and jittery, switching in an ugly way from colour to colour. The problem is with the iCue software for Mac, because the keyboard works fine on Windows and if in BIOS mode when on the Mac (rainbow effect fine.) I don't want to use the BIOS mode however as I cannot adjust the volume or stop start music without the keyboard being in iCUE mode. This keyboard has SERIOUS problems working with Macs, to the extent that I've already had to disable FileVault just to log into my Mac! Fix your Mac support please Corsair!
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Hi Jonah,


Make sure the keyboard is up to date with the latest firmware in iCUE -- this might help make it a little bit more Mac friendly.


I will definitely log your concerns and send them along to the appropriate Mac feedback team as well.

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