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Product no longer supported?

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So I wrote to Corsair to ask about buying some keycap replacements for my very expensive K95 version 1.


I absolutely love the keyboard but I've worn out some of the keys, the keyboard works perfectly otherwise.


Apparently no longer supported? WHAT!!? See attachments...




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That reply from Corsair surprised me a bit.

I do understand manufacturers can't keep parts in stock indefinite of older products, but the K95 Platinum launched in 2017 so it's not like you have a century old keyboard.

The thing that surprised me though was the lack of any suggestions how to solve your problem when your problem is (as far as I can tell) pretty easy to solve.

When it comes to the key caps, the only differences between the old and the new K95 boards are the font and the number of macro keys (18 on the old and 6 on the newer versions). Both old and new versions have Cherry MX switches so as far as I can tell, you should be able to just buy a replacement set of keys for a current K95 and keep the macro keys as they are.


I'm comparing the pictures on your board's product page to my own K95 Platinum and the layout (apart from the number of macro keys) is the same so I'm pretty sure a set of new keys will fit just fine.

Just enter : SKU CH-9000235-WW in the search bar on the Corsair website, that's the part number of the K95 PBT keycaps replacement set. You can even get them in white if for whatever reason you would want that.

Hope this helps you a bit, it would be a shame to replace a perfectly good (and expensive) keyboard just for a couple of worn out keycaps.

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He has the original K95 with 18 G-keys that is much older. However, the suggestion to look at aftermarket key caps either selectively or for the entire KB is the right course of action. There a lots of choices out there, but note the differences for complete sets usually revolve around bottom row spacing and different KBs use different lengths for space bar, CTRL, ALT, etc. This can be difficult to spot in the new kit unless they specify what size they are using. As mentioned, you won't find a replacement set for the 18 G keys as part of any standard set, but then those are likely OK and do not need to be replaced.
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Thanks for sharing your experience on difficulties to obtain replacement keycaps.


I have recently purchased the K95 KGB Platinum keyboard less two months ago. The information below is FYI.


There are worn out keycaps on my old non-Corsair keyboard, which was mainly for office use for more than 5 years. I don't play much game on my computer so don't experience the same issue as the OP with WASD keycaps, which were likely used as directional keys.


Looking over my old QWERTY keyboard, the worn out keycaps are:

Top row: E R O (Heavily worn/disappeared: E)

Mid row: A S D K L (Heavily worn/disappeared: all)

Bottom row: C V B N M ? (Heavily worn/disappeared: C V N M)

Left CTRL and ALT

Directional keys: Left Down Right Up (Heavily worn/disappeared: Left Down Right)


Might be a good idea to order these extra keycaps in advance before the keyboard goes out of production. And for heavily worn/disappeared, order more of these.

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