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Hello Guys.


I was giving a shot at recording my first Macro to execute a repetative task. Sounds easy enough. However: I run into (a lot) of issues.


1. First of all the recording will only record relative mouse movement. Since you need to start the recording in iCue, this is obviously not very useful, because it is a repetative task, it means that I would need to stop the recording on exactly the same point where I started it. Which is obviously impossible.


2. The recording stops as soon as iCue isn't the active window anymore. Making the recording function pointless.


3. Trying to create it manual I do have an option to steer the mouse towards absolute coördinates on my screen. However: iCue doesn't show my current coördinates, So how in the world am I supposed to know the location of my mouse?


I'm using the latest iCue version (Which I installed last week after fully removing the application). The Keyboard I'm programming the Macro's on is a Corsair Gaming K70 MK.2 RGB MX Brown. The mouse is a Sharkoon Fireglider (but from what I understand it shouldn't matter).


Anybody know what to do here?

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You are not going to be able to control your mouse from a completely different manufacturer via the iCUE software.


That would be *Really* cheap.. because any 3rd party software can (as moving a mouse around screen can be done completely by software).


Besides: Recording actually does work very well, as long as I'm nog leaving the iCue app.. Manual programming works as well, I just have no clue where it goes, besides doing A LOT of trial and error. So I doubt your statement being correct.

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