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Corsair virtuoso dongle update not working 0.17.149

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Good morning folks! I have a strange issue going on for 6 months. I am constantly trying to update the dongle firmware and it seems to be successful, but at the end of installation, it still shows the previous version installed: 0.16.80.


I've tried switching ports, cables, but nothing seems to be working. I got the logs exported is there any chance to check what the issue could be about?


I have av disabled as well, just in case, but so far no results.





So it looks like the installation is not getting stuck or so, but simply new version is not getting installed.

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There is nothing wrong here and your headset and wireless receiver firmware are up to date. The Dongle Firmware is separate and its own firmware version. Where it says only Firmware v. 0.17.149, that is referring to the firmware version of the physical headset. They will not be the same version number.
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