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K68 RGB - sleep mode issues

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I have small issue with K68 RGB keyboard - backlight turns off whenever my screen is turned off or my PC enters the sleepmode.


I'm perfectly fine with lights being turned off in the above cases, however when I turn my screen/wake up my PC, the backlight is not turned off (except birghtness and padlock buttons). To have my backlight turns on, I have to restart iCue app....


The problem started when I upgraded my PC with MSI B550 Tomahawk (on old mobo no issues). I suspect that issue can be with mysticlight and Dragon Center being up along with iCue. Has anyone had such a problem?


Also, to kind of fix the issue, I wanted to prevent my keyboard from turning lights off - I turne off USB power saving, however still my keyboard light are being turned off along with lights on fans and mobo.


Thanks in advance for sharing any ideas how to solve my issue!




P.S. I've tried to uninstall Dragon Center but it didn't help.

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Hi intersekt1992,


iCUE definitely can have RGB lighting conflicts with any other RGB app, such as MysticLight and DragonCenter. Try disabling RGB control in both of those applications and reinstalling iCUE with that control disabled -- if still no positive results, please open a ticket with support using the link at the top of this page.

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