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H115i Pro XT RGB Fan Replacement

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Hello All


Hope you are all safe and well


I was considering replacing the Fans on my H115i Pro XT at some stage for RGB Equivalents


Have a few questions, could not see direct answer anywhere.


1. Will any 140mm 4 pin RGB/ARGB Fan be suitable for use, or does it really need to be of a specific speed rating?

2. Will the RGB lighting on the 2 new fans be controllable through icue?

3. Would this upgrade invalidate my warranty (Would it remain unaffected if I used Corsair Fans as per the platinum version?)


Would appreciate your input


Many Thanks

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1) Any PWM fan will work. Fans that have flatter and wider blades are better for radiators, but most people are not in a situation where this really matters. If you are 2C from your thermal limit, you are pretty much there already.


2) It will be with a Corsair RGB controller. The XT does not have an RGB controller. Most 2 packs of Corsair 140mm RGB fan will have a lighting controller. Corsair RGB fans have 2 wires. 1 for fan motor power/control and one for RGB power/control.


3) Definitely not. The fans may have some effect on the end cooling result, but they do not impact the cooler's physical functionality. You should avoid and heavy current industrial fan unless you want to test the limits of the fan controller.

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