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Vengeace c70 mill green available now? Or soon?


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Does the ASUS PRO WS X570-ace Workstation Motherboard fit the Corsair Vengeance C70 (Military reen) case?


Is the case available to buy now or soon?




I am a veteran. I will buy that case.


When will it be available to buy?

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Looking up reviews, it seems this case is from 2012.. so i suspect it's obsolete and hasn't been sold in a long while?

Maybe you could find one second hand somewhere.

But otherwise it's an ATX case so it will work with any ATX sized motherboard, so it will fit the X570 Ace

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Wonder if anyone still responds to this thread 🤔 

I bought a Corsair Vengeance C70 about 4 or 5 l years ago (still have the box it came in). It has a 2012 Corsair copyright stamped on it. Also the box has digi camo on a few areas of box.


Recently I found same case for sale as brand new/unopened. It came with manual inside a ziplock type bag AND had the hardware in a box in one of its drivebays. Everything looks brand spanking new.

Except when I put the box ontop of the one I bought years ago. The one I got recently doesn't have the digi camo design on the box AND the Corsair copyright is dated 2015.

My question is, why the differences in these two boxes? Did I possibly get a designer/cloned case or did Corsair change the manufacturing facility or artwork on box at some point?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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