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Commander Pro Crash and Burn

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Quick Question - Background first: I just put a brand new Commander Pro in my build. It's hooked up to 10 QL fans (6 in the fan spots) split between 2 RGB nodes. Well when I fired up the PC it popped and started smoking. I immediately turned off the PC to investigate. This is what I found in the area that was smoking:



Whatever that crud across the LED slots is apparently is conductive and passed QC. And when it happened it took out my h100i plat with it, and seems one of the nodes but haven't been able to verify that yet as I just ran and grabbed a h150i from BB to replace the h100i and get it booted back up.


Not knowing what else it damaged (such as the fans and other components namely the board and PSU since they were attached directly to it), what is Corsair's policy on this since it is a defect from the factory? I had to get a new cooler immediately because I need the PC for both work and grad school, couldn't wait for an RMA on the h100i. And any other damaged items due to their poor workmanship, what is the remediation policy for that?


Needless to say I'm pretty frustrated.

Edited by haste.
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I've never seen one arc between the RGB ports. Regardless, you need to contact Corsair Support through official channels and get things moving that direction with a damage claim. The official phrase is 'case by case basis', but typically a damage claim is settled monetarily, not sourcing you replacement parts of non-Corsair gear. Either way, I would be in the same position and can't go down for a week or two waiting for a cooler. It's a legitimate and reasonable response.
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This does not seem likely. Even if the LED port pins were shorted, its only 5VDC, Data, and Ground. The only short that could possibly cause enough current to flow to melt/burn anything would be +5VDC to ground. I would think they would have some protection against this like an internal self-healing fuse or even a sacrificial fuse link, especially considering how unreliable LED connectors are in general. Most computer power supplies also have over current protection on the minor rails, though the trip point may be high enough to allow some damage to occur. I also don't see how it could take out the cooler. Maybe the LED in the pump, but not the pump. That gets power from the SATA connector. Whatever the case, it's a crappy thing to happen. I hope you get it worked out with Corsair.
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