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Request: please make the fans from elite capellix coolers available for purchase

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To me this seems like a no-brainer, and I really don’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet. People who buy elite capellix coolers and/or ML RGB fans do so in part because they care about how their systems look. The fans that come with the elite capellix coolers have twice as many LED’s as the ML RGB fans available for separate purchase and thusly look quite different. Using those fans in combination with the ML RGB fans not only requires having two different junction boxes in the pc (the commander pro and the commander core) if you want to connect them to iCue, but they also end up giving one’s system a very inconsistent look. The fans that come with the elite capellix coolers are a great update to the ML RGB fan product line, and I’d think they’d sell like hot cakes, with the added benefits of not having to deal with a disappointing side effect of combining elite capellix coolers with different fans.
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They're ML120 RGB fans, that's what came with my h150 elite cappelix.


You can buy those separately to my knowledge.




Either way, I ended up replacing them with QL fans for better looks, particularly from the back side of the fan.


Edit: Actually think you're right. While the Capellix Elite states ML120 RGB fans, they have 8 leds while the ML120 PRO being sold only have 4 led.


How do the ML120 RGB included with the cooler compare to the SP120 RGB? Those have 8 leds as well?

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