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Dark Core Pro SE Comfort Issue


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I recently got this mouse I really like the look of it and it fits my hand well. There are a few things that make it a bit uncomfortable for me and I would like to share them for anyone who is looking at getting this mouse.


1. The rear bottom lip sticks out. The rear of the mouse at the bottom is a matt plastic then a gloss plastic above it. The bottom matt plastic sticks out farter them the to gloss one so every time I put my had on the mouse or adjust myself it feels t he scrape of the bottom matt plastic sticking out. If the small piece of gloss plastic was flush with the bottom this would not be an issue, I may end up filing the bottom one to even it out but it would have been nice it Corsair made them flush to begin with.


2. the bumpy rubber on the back of the mouse feels strange on my palm. This probably won't bother most people but for me it feels damp once I have used the mouse for a little. I stop and run my fingers on it and confirm it is dry and so is my palm, it just gives the feeling of it being damp, for me at least. Would have loved to have the same rear grip that was on the Corsair Nightsword. Not sure if there is anyone who makes custom rear grips to go over or replace it.


3. The top DPI buttons. The front one is not too difficult to click but the rear one is so far back and shorter than the front that I keep hitting the front. In this case I wish the two DPI buttons were more like the ones on the Ironclaw which are very nice with their size, angle, texture and placement.


If only I could combined elements from the thee Corsair mice mentioned, I would have a dang near perfect mouse for me


Side note not related to comfort, wish this had two buttons on the top for profile switching instead of one and would also be nice to have the third side button like the Nightsword does. Slipstream wireless works great for me, have not gotten the wireless charging mat to try that out yet.

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