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White Virtuoso Dongle Model

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Hi All,


I tried searching around, but couldn't find much help. Little background - broke my USB dongle for my White Virtuoso and had support send me a new one. Received new one, but it won't pair wirelessly on any computer. I couldn't find much info out there that helped aside from one post where Corsair sent the wrong model dongle to someone (

). The model I received was RDA0023, when searching for that the only match I could find was for the Virtuoso SE. I notified support of my issues and followed all their troubleshooting steps, but at the moment they just want to RMA the headset, before doing that I wanted to confirm the model number that others have with their White Virtuosos. Can anyone with one advise what model your USB dongle is? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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