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Commander pro Custom curve sensor


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You want off CPU temp immediately. Best quick fixes are to use H1xx Temp (coolant temp) if you have a Corsair AIO or GPU temp. Most people have a pretty good feel for their normal operating temp range for the GPU and can set up a reasonable curve. Motherboard temp is another possible choice, but most people will need to learn the normal range.


Long term the best solution is to use one of the temp probes from the Commander kit and run it to the rear exhaust of the case. This is a good indicator of case ambient temp change. You can stick the other one any place else interesting, but exit air temp covers the bases. The hard part is learning the range and that will take a bit of time. Small changes in placement can affect the readings. Remember the case fans' job is to exchange air and most of us are not using them for direct cooling on a particular piece of hardware.

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