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Corsair 680x + gigabyte 3080 xtreme help support gpu

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Hello guys! first of all sorry for the bad english.


I finally updated my pc and assembled this corsair 680x (really beautiful, comfortable and functional) with a ryzen 5900x and gigabyte 3080 extreme video card, corsair h115i Capellix.

Right from the start I realized that the 3080 video card had a slope and tilt and so I took a gpu mount that works but is really horrible to the eye ...


I am looking for a support for this video card, associated with the nicer and less invasive case corsair, maybe rgb if possible (yes I like the lights: D). The problem is the height of the video card of 12 cm and all the supports that I was able to find are not compatible because once mounted in the slots of the Corsair 680x they touch the gpu fans.

Anyone have any idea if there is anything nice compatible?

thanks to everyone who will answer me.

I attach a photo to understand the problem.








other thing ... possible that a person who buys all corsair components has had problems with the rgb and icue? the 680x has 3 LL fans, a commander and the relative rgb controller, the corsair capelix 115i has some ML RGB with controller ok, to complete the pc I took some corsair QL, and I realized that the rgb joined to the same controller is not is compatible with each other (LL, ML, QL) ... icue and driver side wouldn't it be appropriate to make it more RGB compatible?

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