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radiator screws for xr series

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So I ran into a snag with my case. Recently upgraded my radiator from a non corsair 120mm rad to an XR5 360. This is mounted in the top of my Lian Li O11d. The top panel slid on no problem. Few weeks later need to open the

system up. Have issues removing the top panel. Apparently the tops of the screws are too tall which seems to be the culprit.


It was recommended by Lian Li support to find flat versions of the same size screw. Not having good of luck finding flat versions of these screws. From what I understand the screws are M4-0.7 x 6mm. I have been unable to find a screws of the same spec but with a flat top. Closest thing I found are countersunk which defeats the purpose of having a low profile screw to hold the radiator in place and leave enough clearance for the top panel.


Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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you may try to source some buttonhead M4x6 screws like these


I use a Hardware labs radiator on my O11, which is the OEM for corsair radiators, and that's the type of screws that come with it. the top panel slides without even touching.


If your screws are already buttonhead, well, there's always the option to sand the heads down a bit. It's fine as long as there's enough reach to use the screwdriver.

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