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Corsair ML140 PRO 140mm compatibility with Hydro X Series XR5 Radiators?


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Hi there, I'm using the "Build Your Loop" feature on Corsair's website and it recommended "https://www.corsair.com/us/en/custom-cooling-configurator?configCode=igaooe". According to the configurator, it added 5x ML120 PRO RGB LED but I currently already own 5x Corsair ML140 PRO 140mm that I'm using inside my case. I'm hoping to just put 2 of it on the XR5 240mm Water Cooling Radiator and 3 of it on the XR5 360mm Water Cooling Radiator. Will these be combability or do I really need to buy 5 new ML120 PRO RGB LED fans?
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they are completely incompatible. you won't be able to fit even one of them because they have 120mm mounting holes.

Also the 680x can't take 3x140 at the front. Even if you squeezed it in, you still need clearance to run the tubes coming out of the radiators.


If you want to use 140mm fans, you'd need to remove the radiators and fans from the cart and source somewhere else two 280mm rads for bottom and top mounting like these . (same OEM that makes the corsair radiators)

This way you keep your current fan setup, and you can do top, bottom or front mount, depending on what tube runs you prefer.


Or, get 240 and 360 rads + 120mm fans.

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You can put 5x ML 140mm fans in there but you need to buy the 280mm radiators, rather than the 240mm & 360mm. I'd give up on the configurator to be honest and look for help here and elsewhere - search for pictures of the case you have and go from there.


This is how I configured my 680x with 5x 140mm fans & 3x120mm - Corsair will tell you to put the pump/res in the back chamber.










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