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Corsair commander pro and QL 120s spinning really fast

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I just built a new system. I have 9x QL 120 mm fans. 3 of them are for my aio and 6 are my case fans. i have the 6 case fans all connected to one RGB hub and the 3 aio fans connected to another RGB hub for RGB control. both hubs are connected to my commander pro. i have the 3 aio fans connected to the aio power. the 6 case fans are powered through my commander pro. the commander pro is sata powered and connected to my motherboard through a usb 2.0 port.



Now. all my fans spin and i can control the rgb however... they will go from like 900 rpm to like 1300 just from opening chrome or doing really light tasks, they get real loud. This is with my case open and my chip sitting around 29 Celsius.


I have set my fans in the bios to be PWM with silent profile on every fan. i have triple checked icue as well to make sure its set to silent. I don't know what else to do.


any ideas?

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The Commander Pro presets (Quiet-Balanced-Extreme) are not the same as the AIO presets of the same name. They are running from Cpu temp with no hysteresis. You want off that ride now.


Quick and easy changes are to use curves based on the coolant temp or GPU temp.


Performance tab +. New curve below. Shape tools in upper right corner to match the AIO presets. Make sure sensor is changed to H150i Temp. Dots can be adjusted as needed.


GPU same thing. Slide the dots up to match the normal gpu temp range.

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Then you won't be able to use coolant temp as the control source. The problem is the presets for the Commander. They are based on CPU temp with no spin up/down delays, so they will race with the CPU temperature without need. On any recent CPU, that is quite a roller coaster ride.


You need your own curve with your own control variable. Next best immediate solution is to use GPU temp. That is a value you likely know and it is generally more predictable. The best long term solution is to run one of the 10K thermistor probes from the Commander to the rear exhaust point or anywhere else you want air temp data. Using rear exhaust temp is the most accurate assessment of case airflow need. The other benefit is the Commander can read that native temp probe at all times, software running or not. Now the fans are just part of the background. The catch is there is no exact range we can give you. Move the temp probe 2 inches this way or that and it changes. You have to set it up and observe for a while with basic trial and error to get it nailed down to what you want.

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