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Using Commander Pro with a Different AIO

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It should work for fan control. My suggestion is to use one of the temp probes from the Commander Pro and run the sensor end to the exhaust side of the radiator. That will mimic the coolant temp reading inside the radiator and provide good, smooth fan control at all times -- software running or not. However, this will be an adjustment for you since you have not been using an AIO that displays coolant temperature.


You will so have a few dozen other variables to pick from, but things like CPU temp require the software is running to get the data from the MB.

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This is the one with the "vrm fan" built into the pump casing? That is an odd one with it showing a single PWM header that powers pump, radiator fans, and VRM fan. There is probably more detail hidden from the end user, but I suspect the pump is fixed, the radiator fans adjustable through the PWM header, and the VRM fan... no clue. There is likely some type of power management for all that, but frankly I am surprised they got all in the pump housing. I would have expected an external control device. Either way, there should be no issue offloading the fans onto the Commander. All the pics I am seeing are promotional stuff that are always so neat and tidy with no wires showing... and thus totally useless to help with this.
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The VRM fan runs at a constant speed.


There are numerous reviews of this cooler since it pretty much tops the thermal testing ratings. At any rate the cooler is working fine, and since there's only one cable I have no choice in the matter. Whatever happens, happens. Thanks for the help!

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