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Value Select 512MB PC-2700


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If you will replace the memory that came with your system then yes, but if you will add to what came with your system you should use System Select or the system may not be stable.
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The VS512MB333 doesn't work with my system. The machine boots and runs ok, but it has video problems. The video adapter shares system ram, so I suspect it doesn't like the new RAM. It works fine if I put the old memory back in the DDR slots.


In addition to the above-mentioned RAM, I also have two recently purchased VS512MB400 sticks that behave the same way. I originally thought the problem was due to my mistaken purchase of RAM that was too fast for the system.


I would like to return this RAM, and replace it with something that is likely to work. Is the CMSS512-333 product more likely to work in this application?


The purchases were made through Newegg. Who do I contact about the return/exchange?



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