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DDR400@333 Speed(533FSB)? (P4/2,80Ghz/533 Mhz FSB + Intel865PERL/MSI Neo2V+S512MB400)


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i cannot get these configurations to run. I tried to run the VS512MB400 with two different boards and couldn't get it to work. I read that for 533 Mhz FSB i would need DDR 333 memory. Is this true? I thought the memory is backwards compatible (and can thus run at a lower frequency)?


Here are the Configurations i tried:


CPU: Intel P4 / 2,80 Ghz / 512kb L2 / 533Mhz / 0.13 Micron / 478 pin PPGA FC-PGA2 (TESTED OK in other system)

Graphics: GF 4Ti 4200 /AGP 8x /128MB (TESTED OK in other system)


1.) w/ Intel Board

Intel D865Perl


2.) w/ MSI Board

MSI 865PE Neo2-Platinum


When i start the pc, all drives start to run as usual, no beeps from the motherboard but i don't get any picture on my display. I tried all other components in on another pc and they all work, just not in these combinations.


As stated above, i asume the problem is, that DDR400 can not run with a 533 FSB. Can you confirm or help me?



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I'm having the same issue with the same module (VS512BM400). I put it in a machine with a 266 MHz FSB. The machine works fine in general, but I have problems with the video adapter, which uses the system RAM. The only real problem is it crashes if I try to play a DVD. I suspect it also wouldn't work with games or any other graphics-intensive programs.


In other words, the faster Value Select RAM I tried is not backward-compatible with my slower machine.

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Try to post the MOBO with only 1 stick of RAM in the 0 slot. If it will post, run Memtest on the stick for 5-10 passes. Try this with both sticks. Also, you need to reset the CMOS jumper before you try the single sticks.



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  • Corsair Employee
Our modules are backwars compatible, however many of the OEM and Intel boxed MB's do not include the information needed to decode a fast modules SPD. You might try and set the memory frequency to run at DDR333 manually if you have that option and please make sure that you have the latest bios version.
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